Monday, June 2, 2008


I sent off my Heroes spec to the teleplay competition at the Austin Film Festival today. That's the third screenwriting competition I've applied to. Though I resisted, at the last minute (today) I gave in and paid my $30. Is this the screenwriting equivalent of playing the lottery? Every time I fix on my two brass brads I feel kinda like an old lady buying a scratch and win ticket.

As I was running to the post office to mail it off I saw an acquaintance having a beer on a patio. When I told them about the competition, and my aspirations, they told me that they had a fantastic idea that they just needed a writer for. I've noticed this a lot from non-writers, which is that everyone thinks they have a good idea, because everyone does. Or well, they think they do, but really they haven't thought it far enough through. But either way, I'm not a vacuous writing vessel waiting in limbo for a good idea; I'm too busy writing my own ideas, and even those are backed up. I think up new ideas for spec films and pilots faster than I could ever write them (every time I have an idea, which is often, I jot it down into a massive idea list that I've amassed over the years).

Of course, this was all internal, while outwardly I humoured him and said that yes, we definitely should go for a drink and talk about his wonderful idea.

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Screenwriter Shep said...


So true. I have that happen often -- someone comes up with an idea that they just need a writer for. And it's always a ground-breaking idea that's never been done before. Like a man-eating Shark. Yeah, because no one has ever made a movie about that before.

It's a weight we have to carry -- God knows that doctors don't have problems with people coming up to them with a great idea for a new surgery.