Saturday, August 2, 2008


My first paid writing gig!

I've been hired by a production company that makes tribute and roast videos. Essentially companies, or people, hire out this company to create a doc/mockumentary about someone, usually for their retirement, birthday or whatever occasion. So I'll research, write and associate-produce these videos. I get to be funny, and be paid for it.

The producer asked me to write a sample roast and tribute for him, essentially 2 10-page shorts written in documentary format. He liked them, so told me this morning that he would be using me as a writer.

Of course, this is the tv-writing equivalent of a wedding singer. But it's a definite resume and contact builder.


Anonymous said...


Trevor said...

Thanks Carlo :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Trevor!

Congrats! That's awesome! Roast the f' out of 'em!

Ryan & Brian

Anonymous said...

I got to admit, that's a weird way to get a job. Let me get this straight - you had to roast the man who had to decide if he was going to hire you?

Trevor said...

Oh, ha no I wrote 2 scripts, but neither of them were about the guy who hired me; I used two people I know. That would have definitely added a bit more thrill to the process.

Dave Shepherd said...

Nice! Congrats!