Monday, November 24, 2008

One Writing Group, Two Writing Group

A brand spankin' new group!

The meeting on Saturday went swimmingly, I think. 7 of us showed up and discussed what we'd be looking for in a group and I think we're all on the same page. Two members are currently in the CFC Prime Time Writer's program, several others are in various stages of our writing careers, and one person is actually a seasoned writer and showrunner, so the group is quite varied in experience levels. Because I feel so strongly about this group, I've already quit the other.

We've decided that since this is a TV-writing group, it should be devoted to all things TV. So, no short films or features, just specs and spec pilots. We're meeting every 2 weeks on Saturdays. I'm not presenting for a few weeks but I'd better figure out soon what I want to write next - most likely a spec pilot.

Peter, one of the CFC students, gave me a list created by Meridian Artists in Toronto that lists all current TV shows and their speccability. It's 5 months old, but still pretty useful, and discusses why each show is or isn't good to spec. I should have read it first before trying Dexter. It's labelled "not a good show to spec" for the reason that it's hard to spec because of the season archs. Well yeah I see that now! I'm surprised that House and The Simpsons (for animation) are still considered good shows to spec. I'm thinking after my pilot, I'll write a True Blood. Just started watching it and it's great.

I don't think my excitement about True Blood carried through there. It's FUCKING AWESOME. Race relations between vampires and humans in the American South, and created by Alan Ball? Brilliant!

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