Monday, December 15, 2008

In My Mind, I'm Very Special

I got into the CFC last night. I wrote my specs, applied, went to the interview, and was accepted (on the spot).

And then I woke up.

My morning yogurt depressed me, because it was not a yogurt of celebration. But at least now I feel like I've already done a practice round.

I should probably explain that I have decided to apply to the CFC Prime-Time Television Program for Sept 09. I'm slightly daunted by the fact that they accept 8 people a year, but in my mind I'm very special so I figure I've got a shot.

I've also decided, after flip-flopping like John Kerry (too late?), that I'm going to write a Mad Men spec. Even though it's probably one of the toughest shows to nail, it's the only one I really want to take a crack at. And I've heard that if you can nail a Mad Men, you're golden. And golden is what I want to get into the CFC. So stay tuned for a Mad Men deconstruction.


Julie Gray said...

So - the Rouge Wave is a mini monkey? What does a girl have to do around here to get some respect? ;)

Trevor said...

LOL! No disrespect intended, Julie. Originally I had two blogrolls, one for pro screenwriters, one for aspiring, and I didn't know where to place your unique blog! However, I've been meaning to change that, as it's just getting too complicated with all the various types of screenwriting blogs! So in honour of my utmost respect for The Rouge Wave, I have combined them into one blog roll ;)

Trevor said...

and i just realized that i'd accidentally deleted your blog. woops! fixed.