Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Mad Men Speccing - Part 2

Things have changed for my little spec. I sent out my beat sheet to my group, and it was largely well received, except one of my group members, Deb, suggested that perhaps my A story was actually my B story and vice versa. Well, I completely agreed with her so I shortened the A and lengthened the B story. I was wary to give Peggy the A story but she has had it before, and that story really does have more weight to it.

Then it became clear to me that Mad Men is not written with 5 acts, but 3. Which should not have surprised me since the writers don't conform to any other TV drama rules, why would they care about the normal 5 act structure? So I reworked the beats with 3 acts, each act being about 14 minutes long, and that felt more natural so I think I'm on the right track.

I set out to actually put pen to paper yesterday. Since my first draft is due to my group by Monday, I have essentially 7 full days to write it. Yesterday I wrote 5 pages. An average Mad Men script is about 60 pages. So if I write 7-8 pages per day, I'll be fine. Of course, I'm talking about writing an episode of the most subtle and complex show on TV in one week flat, so obviously my first draft will be perfect.


Elize Morgan said...

I didn't know you had a blog, Trevor.

You've been holding out on us!

Trevor Finn said...

this is a blog? oh, shit.