Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Finish the Spec, Save the World

I finished my Mad Men spec! This time with all the words in it and everything!

A few weeks ago I'd sent it out to my writing group 2/3 complete, and from that I took their notes, re-shuffled my index cards and completed the script. It's sitting exactly at 60 pages, like a good little drama. And I thought it would be short. I'm presenting to my group again on Saturday, so I just sent out the newest, complete script to everyone.

I did end up going back to the 5-act system, though. I apologize for the flip-flopping, but that's part of the process, OK? The three-acts didn't feel, I dunno, TV enough. Maybe I should post my spec online, and link to it here on my blog. I don't know if there's a point in having it registered with the WGC though, since I can never sell it anyway. And why would someone steal a TV spec?

This means I am 50% to my goal of the two scripts needed to apply to the Canadian Film Centre for the Prime-Time Writer's Program starting next September. It requires one TV spec and one original script (I'm going with spec pilot), so the latter is what I'm now going to concentrate on. So all I need now is a brilliant, original, commercial idea with a great hook and complex, compelling characters! And who doesn't have those?

In comedy news, this week I also joined a sketch comedy group, the Sketchers, who are in the process of creating an online SNL-like show to be posted once a month on sites like, youtube, ect, and possibly on our own website. Even though I want to write hour-long drama, I still have a comedy bug I need to explore. And I decided I also have to try my hand doing stand-up, possibly at Yuk Yuk's amateur night. Because I'm masochistic. Maybe I can convince my sister to come. She laughs at everything I say.

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