Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Everybody Look at Me, Cause I'm Sailing on a Boat!

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38 days until the CFC application is due. And I still don't have a pilot.

I've been flip-flopping like Andy Samberg about what kind of pilot to write. I came up with an idea about a week ago for a post-apocalyptic TV show, and I think I'm liking that. But then I started thinking about this other idea, a noir-influenced procedural. And now I'm back to wanting to do the post-apocalyptic one.

My idea is like Jericho, but much, much darker. Essentially the show I would have liked Jericho to be. The tone is probably closer to BSG than anything else. I won't give more details because I'm still hammering them out but I was influenced by Cormac McCarthy's The Road, as well as the video game Fallout 3, so if you've come across either of those you know what I'm talking about. Cannibals!

But I was concerned that this would be too dark. One of my writing group members pointed out that people don't want dark right now; they want light, fluffy stuff to contrast with the bleak fiery wasteland that is our day to day existence. However, while that may be true, our economy won't always be in the shits; people will want their bleak shows again. And I'm writing this primarily to get into the CFC, where I will write more pilots anyway, and all they want to know right now is that I can create and write an interesting show. And I think it's always best to write what you most feel like writing, because you never know what will be hot in two months, and if you like what you're writing that comes out. And if I force myself to write light and fluffy drama I might just throw myself into the water.

On the completely opposite side of the writing spectrum, I've recently joined a Sketch comedy troupe, The Sketchers, as a writer and performer, along with a large group of about twenty other people. We've been going for a month now, have already filmed five sketches, and are working on the second five, all of which will be available May 1 on www.thesketchers.com. The plan after that is to release 5 or more sketches per month and build up an online presence. I've been told the others are interested in doing an online comedy series, so I'll likely start developing one of those after I've dealt with the CFC thing.

Apocalypse, now!

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