Thursday, February 24, 2011

Update! What whaaat?

Well I'm long overdue for an update, so I sincerely apologize.

Since we last met, I've continued working as a Script Coordinator, PA and Producer's Assistant on various shows (Blue Bloods, The Yard, Covert Affairs). Right now I'm working as the Assistant to the Executive Producers/Writers on a new pilot for Warner Bros. and the CW called Awakening, about zombies. Zombies! I may have got the job because in the interview I pointed out that at my wedding, 4 of the 7 speeches mentioned my love of zombies. Not even kidding. I just started last week, but everyone here seems really cool so far. The writers of this US show are from Toronto and still live here, so it's good to know that's possible. That's my ideal situation, to work in LA and live in Toronto.

As for my own writing, I wrote a spec of Fringe, and have been writing a one-hour drama pilot, of which I'm about 3/4 finished through the first draft. My agents have been actively getting me meetings and sending out my scripts, and I've been getting a few nibbles. It's nice to get some kind of confirmation that things are going forward in your career, even though there hasn't been any solid, you know, cash money yet. It's an interesting/frustrating/satisfying place that I'm at right now. I have an agent, I am getting meetings, people are liking my pitches/scripts/ideas, and I've been getting really close to writing gigs, but haven't got one yet. One show my agents were trying to get me on said they thought I was a good writer, but they wanted someone that's not quite as "junior". Meaning, that I don't have enough credits yet (or any, to be precise). It is frustrating, because how is a writer supposed to get experience if no one gives them a chance? It makes it so much more difficult when Canadian shows don't have to hire on at least 1 fledgling writer like American shows have to. But, I know that it's just a slog and you have to keep going. If you're good enough, eventually someone will take a chance and you will make it.

Saying that, I might actually have some big news soon, though I don't want to jinx anything. I could potentially have an update on that in the next week or two. We'll see!

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