Tuesday, May 17, 2011

First optioned script!

I have reached another important point in my writing career - I have optioned my first script!

That is, it's my first option, but it's also my first pilot. Merely Mortal is a one-hour comedy/action/drama. It's still in the very early stages (I just signed the option agreement at the end of last week), so I'm not going to name the production company just yet, but it is an established Canadian production company, with quite a few feature film and TV series on the air.

Of course, that's great but it's not the end of the grind. An option basically gives the production company the "option" to produce it within a set amount of time. In my case they have 1 year, but they can renew the option for several years after that. Now the production company will go to networks and attempt to pitch it to them. If the Networks want it, then we can go forward with development. If not, then... not. And that's really all I know about the process right now. So this should be interesting! I have heard that they are thinking of pitching it in the US, which is pretty exciting.

This past weekend I also finished my new pilot, Garrotte, which is a western with a twist. I'm really excited about it and the people that have read it really seem to like it. I'm rewriting it now but am planning on sending it out to my agent and then production companies within a week or two.

As for my job on the Transporter, it's going quite well! I'm really enjoying reading the scripts and working with everyone here. What's not to like? The show has fast cars, guns, naked girls and ... what was I talking about?

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Graeme said...

If you find time, do you think you could dedicate a post explaining the process of getting something optioned? I'd love to hear more about how it happened, and what you have to do to make it happen. I just came across your blog, and I'm pouring through posts right now. As an aspiring screenwriter, I'm really enjoying reading about your career. There isn't a lot of resources for figuring this stuff out, so thank you for taking the time to enlighten people like me, it's much appreciated! I've got some scripts, now I just need to figure out how to turn those into a career, thanks again for offering insight on how to do that. The lowest rung of the ladder still seems so unattainable!