Thursday, June 30, 2011

Well, that certainly changes things.

My wife is pregnant.

I don't normally write about my personal life on here, because I try to stick to the topic of breaking into the TV industry, but I'm going to change that at least for today, because I think this does have to do with my career, as this little fact will very much affect it (along with every aspect of my life). Holly's actually quite along at about 5 months (the baby is due in November). This is something that is nerve-wracking for anyone, I'm sure, but it's certainly a frightening prospect as a writer, and especially as one that is still trying to, you know, get paid to be one.

Saying that, I am VERY excited. But that doesn't make it any less frightening.

As far as I'm concerned, as long as I continue seeing progress in my career, I'm not too worried. And right now I'm still working on The Transporter, and this contract will go all the way until the end of November, right in time for the baby to be due! It's also likely that I won't get another job until early 2012, seeing as the Toronto winter is slow for productions, and that will give me some time off to get to know the baby and change some diapers.

One disappointing aspect about the impending baby is that I will lose my beautiful, writerly office. I was so excited when we bought this condo because it had an extra room, and I bought a nice new desk and set up my writerly books and writerly pens and painted it a writerly forest green. I tried to explain to Holly that a little baby doesn't actually need their own room because they're so small you see, but she just locked me with her laser eyes and told me that wasn't going to happen. Then I said," but you can use my desk as a change table!" and she laughed and laughed and laughed. So I suppose I'll have to find somewhere else to write. And buy a bigger house when we can afford it.

One of the writers on The Transporter, Joseph Mallozzi, writes his own blog and details our production exploits on it. I told Joe that Holly and I were having trouble deciding on a name, and he took it upon himself to hold a contest where his readers will pick a name through a poll:

The contest

The finalists

The winner!

So, uh... thanks Joe! I'm sure Holly will be excited that we have one less thing to figure out.

In other news, my pilot Merely Mortal was taken to the Banff TV Festival a couple weeks ago by the production company and they apparently got some interest on it! They're sending out materials now.

As well, excitingly I'm involved with the creation of the web content for The Transporter, working with a producer, Sasha, that has been hired specifically for the project. We were originally going to have both webisodes and an online game for Facebook, but unfortunately due to budget constraints we had to nix the webisodes, which is disappointing because I was going to write them. But I am looking forward to working on and writing for the game. We've already been brainstorming about it and there are some fun concepts that could work. I'm definitely interested in video game writing, so this should really be interesting!